Lilian’s Birth Story

Lilian was my first child and giving birth to her was the roughest labor out of the three. If it was not for my husband's presence, I literally would not have survived it. Two weeks before my due date I was getting braxton hicks. Some days I would get them so consistently that I thought [...]

A Precious Instant

We all pursue happiness but some of us can't seem to hold on to it for very long. I've been there but now photography makes it easy for me to find happiness even when I'm facing difficult circumstances. Although I enjoy photo shoots as much as any other hobby, it's not the simple act of [...]

Donate now to EB RESEARCH

Donate now to EB RESEARCH

DONATE HERE          THE WORST DISEASE YOU NEVER HEARD OF A severe rare genetic skin blistering condition that can also affect internal organs. EB skin is as fragile as the wings of a butterfly. Even gentle skin contact causes devastating wounds. When dressings stick, the skin often comes away too.  There is [...]


Sorry I didn't get to stay, To laugh and let you watch me play. I know you need me by your side, I'm sorry that I had to die. I'm gone but please look up and see, There's a beautiful God right next to me. God didn't take me because he was mad, God didn't [...]