Reevaluating Strength

Ethan's strength continues to amaze us. He has survived and is healing despite the expectations of all of his doctors. It doesn't make sense medically. One of his doctors believed that if he were to be intubated he wouldn't survive more than a day because of the extra trauma to his compromised trachea. Ethan has … Continue reading Reevaluating Strength

48 hours of Success (3 months)

Ethan is 3 months old today and we are very happy to see him healing. The past 48 hour have been all around medically successful. Ethan was using so much of his energy and calories to breath that it was severely hindering his ability to heal and grow. Ethan's wounds are now healing at an … Continue reading 48 hours of Success (3 months)

Ethan Admitted Into Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital

Before we were discharged from Lucile Packard on December 12, 2014 we had discussed options to help Ethan gain wait and get the proper nutrition. Ethan's body is constantly trying to heal therefore he needs to eat more than healthy babies to make up for the high amount of energy loss. The amount of formula … Continue reading Ethan Admitted Into Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital