Testimony: Seeing in the Spirit Realm

  A member of my family grew up seeing and hearing in the spirit realm.  We thought she was imagining things because we grew up knowing very little about Jesus, angels and demons. I wasn't aware of the real warfare that is happening in the spirit realm all around us. Many people are gifted in … Continue reading Testimony: Seeing in the Spirit Realm


7 Reasons We Should Read The Bible

When I first gave my life to Jesus I began reading the New Testament. I knew that if I wanted to follow Jesus, I needed to know the full Gospel. When I needed wisdom I went to Proverbs. When I felt alone I went to Psalms. Many don't understand how important it is to actually … Continue reading 7 Reasons We Should Read The Bible

38 Weeks Pregnancy Update

  Due Date: August 25th, 2018   Gender: GIRL! Thoughts and feelings: Forth pregnancy and feels like I been pregnant FOREVER! Haha! Comfort is just a distant memory and soon I will trade my good nights rest for a sweet little face. Doctor Appointment:  I'm 1cm dilated and almost 100% effaced ! Cravings:I been craving sweets, pancakes, and most … Continue reading 38 Weeks Pregnancy Update