Ethan is safe & healed 

When I was in the ambulance with Ethan, I remember asking God out loud. “I think is time for you to heal Ethan.” And he did. Ethan is now healed! And he is safe. He might have suffered on earth but now he is safe in heaven for eternity with no more pain. Ethan is my little angel. I Thank god for healing Ethan. #iheartethan 💙


26 thoughts on “Ethan is safe & healed 

  1. ..well said. Never the less his fight and pain will always be remembered and will count for something. Your beautiful baby boy will stay in our hearts for eternity. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories most of all his pictures being so much joy.. God bless you’re family and I will continue to pray for comfort for all of you.

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  2. It was my joy and privilege too carry Ethan to the throne room in prayer now he is resting and healed,in our FATHER’S CARE!Your lil son taught us a lot in three months!May GOD’S love and peace give you strength and bring comfort too you and your family, Sincerly Pastor Juanita

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  3. Ethan’s story will forever be remembered and his beautiful face will forever be apart of every single person who followed including myself. You are a strong mommy and may God continue to give you strength. Baby Ethan is a beautiful angel up above
    God bless your family and thank you for sharing his story with us all and his beautiful face


  4. You have touched my heart Ethan. You are a perfect angel. May you smile upon us everyday. I cried when I heard you left earth, but I rejoice that you will no longer feel pain. God bless you Angel Ethan and God bless your mommy, daddy, and sister.

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  5. Thank you for sharing all the special days you had with your son, Ethan. You are amazing parents. I am so touched by your videos and stories of him that I feel part, in some way, to your little strong angel, even though I haven’t met him in person. And you are right, there is no better place to be healed and painless, but in heaven in he hands of God to be cared for from now on. What a heartful time when u see and meet with your Ethan once again. You are blessed!!!


  6. Lil angel now your with god and always will be a heroe someone who i admire because your were brave and more things and for ethan’s parent demostraron que no solo la gente con los años son maduros y responsables que también los jóvenes pueden ser un gran ejemplo muchas gracias por ser unos padres ejemplares se les agradece por cui da cuidar de un hermoso angel que robo una parte de nuestros corazones gracias y mi mas sentido pesame….


  7. I followed Ethan’s story through my wife, who was very emotionally invested in his story. We don’t know you, but just want to let you know that we love you and we thank you for sharing your wonderful baby boy with us. Thank you for being an example of what a great parent is. May The Lord bless you always!
    The Jimenez Family.


  8. The most important thing to remember is that, your sweet baby boy is with our Father, where there is no suffering, no pain, no worries, no regrets, just peace which is what your baby’s soul and body needed. You and your husband are amazing people, you guys are very strong. Your console should be that your son is finally happy, do not ever lose hope or faith, always look to God for answers and enlightenment. God bless your family so much #iheartethan


  9. I am so truly sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful baby, and now he is in the hand’s of the Lord. I will continue to pray for your family for strength and to help you through this tough time. May God bless you and yours.


  10. minik Ethan’ın hikayesi beni çok etkilemişti,tesadüfen görmüştüm.iyileşmesi için dua ettik ama maalesef olmadı,Rabbimiz böyle istedi,cennette huzur içinde uyusun inşallah,
    çok uzak ülkelerde de olsak da kalbimiz her zaman sizinle…

    saygılar ve sevgilerle 😦


  11. Rest in paradise cutie pie, I will remember you 💙😔 I hope you guys do many great things to make Ethan happy as he watches yall.


  12. Can I just say that you a such a strong individual . For you to accept such thing makes you an amazing strong mom. I just love how you new exactly how to handle this , not blaming God and staying positive . Your baby is now in heaven looking down on you . He is your guardian angel now and may he rest in peace . He will bless you soon with a son and he will be as healthy as possible prayers and more will come your way. And before you know it you to will be pain free . Bless your family and Your baby’s soul .


  13. I came across your page on Instagram I just read your blog and its a beautiful story about your beautiful baby boy! I’m sorry for your loss its hard to loose someone you love your story is so inspiring and it will help many others going trough the same situation! My prayers to you and your family and baby Ethan will forever be your angel watching down on you!!! 💙


  14. Stay strong & remember you did everything you had to do for the safe keeping of your child. My prayers are with you & your family during this hard time.


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